Introducing the elistik SDK

Utilize elistik within your mobile app with our SDK

We are so excited to announce the launch of the elistik SDK. Now you can leverage our proximity based technology within your application and give it the ability to listen for broadcasts happening nearby. Our first implementation is with an awesome partner, the Louisville Crashers.

The Crashers are one of the biggest live entertainment artists in the midwest, and play for tens of thousands of people every year. They are also known for their amazing interactions with fans throughout their shows, which is why elistik was the perfect partner when it came to considering mobile engagement. Using our new SDK in their new iOS and Android, the Crashers are able to broadcast content at their shows via elistik and have their fans get the notifications within their applications. From picking the next song and playful trivia, to emergency notices and break times, they now can communicate and get feedback from their fans instantly.

Interested in learning more about how elistik can help improve your onsite experience? Contact us today to learn more.



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