Great new features released

Scheduling, Ticketing, Limits, Groups, Chat and more!

Our 1.1 release is now live and we’ve added all kinds of goodies!

Favorites Only

now you can broadcast to just your favorites! Have a ton of connections? No problem, if you want to limit your broadcast to just your favorite people – now you can!

Event Ticketing

events are even better than ever… We’ve added the ability for you to create your own event tickets that work with Apple Wallet!

Schedule Broadcasts

the ability to SCHEDULE broadcasts! Pre-plan your next event or promotion, and have it fire up whenever and wherever you want!

Quantity and Capacity Limits

only want to limit how many people can check in to an event, or limit how many people can claim a promo code? No problem, we’ve added a new limit feature which let’s you make sure only the number of people you want in, get in…

Build Targeting Groups

we’ve added the ability to create groups! Send a broadcast to a special list of people, or invite them to elistik! Only those in your group will see the broadcast!

Highlight Cards

our enterprise users have the opportunity to make their broadcasts really stand out using the new highlight broadcast feature.


we’ve added a new social feature called chat. Fire up a chat broadcast and anyone nearby can join in on the conversation! Or if you want to keep it private, you can do that too!

Unlimited Broadcasts

with our hardware beacons, you can have an unlimited number of broadcasts.

We’ve also polished up around the edges and made things look a little better too.

What’s amazing as we look through this release in retrospect is that really each one of these items are big enough to be a release in and of themselves. Our development wheels have run around the clock over the past few months to truly turn elistik into an elite tool for creating onsite mobile engagement for events. We truly believe you will enjoy… and best of all… we are just getting started! Great things lie ahead.

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