elistik comes to Android

We are so excited to announce that elistik is now available for Android. Androids can now see and interact with elistik broadcasts as they come within range. Whether it’s responding to survey or signing into an event, from an Android phone you have the full advantage to interact with our elistik platform. This is the first of many releases that we see growing in our elistik product family. Download the elistik app for Android today!

May the Force (TOUCH) be with You

In our 1.0.6 release we made a number of UI improvements and now information loads much more gracefully. One great feature we added in 1.0.6 was adding force touch to quickly broadcast from your phone’s home screen. Simple force touch the elistk icon and you can jump right into any of our broadcast types. Enjoy!

Updated for iPhone X

This was a business week! Not only did we give you our 1.0.4 release which added some amazing ability analyze your broadcasts by exporting your data, we also are now live with 1.0.5 which makes elistik iPhone X ready. So for all those that have your new X ordered, elistik will be just as beautiful and just as powerful when it arrives. A huge thanks to the Apple team for such quick review times and making our release cycle as quick as possible! Enjoy.

The ability to export your data and more…

1.0.4 Release

We are happy to be rolling out our 1.0.4 release of our iOS application. With our previous release of 1.0.3 we added a new intro tutorial to try and help our new users better understand how the application works and explain some of the benefits. 1.0.4 has several improvements and bug fixes, but one of the main enhancements that we added to this release is the ability to export your data from the system. Now when you host an event, run a promotion, or distribute a survey, our pro users will be able to tap the ‘history’ button and see more information on these previous broadcasts. This will be incredibly beneficial to users who want to then import data directly into their CRM or other reporting tools.

We hope you enjoy 1.0.4 and we are looking forward to some great things ahead! We anticipate 1.0.4 to be available as an update 10/30/17 or sooner.

ready for ios11

We are ready for iOS 11. Are you?

1.0.1 and 1.0.2 makes elistik iOS 11 ready.

We have launched our 1.0.1 release today that brings elistik up to speed with changes in iOS 11. This release also has added some small usability items to improve the application. We hope that all of our iOS 11 users will have a great experience using elistik and broadcasting to those nearby!

1.0 Release Notes

Introducing elistik. We can’t wait to get this powerful little app into your hands!

Download elistik today and begin interacting with those around you in ways that are discreet, relevant, & real-time. You never know who you’ll connect with – your next customer, your next co-worker, your next co-founder, your next survey taker, even your next friend.

Take your personal networking to the next level. Make your conferences and events more efficient than ever. Ensure your marketing is extra meaningful and intentional. elistik does this all, and more!

Shoot us a message at if you have any questions or need support – we’d love to hear from you! And if you have a custom development inquiry, we’d love to hear about that, too.

Happy connecting from your friends at @elistikHQ!

Download elistik today & connect like you never have before.

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