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Where we’ve been and where we are headed…

One year ago we launched the 1.0 version of our iOS application. Four of us huddled around computers until the wee hours of the morning pulling together that first submission. It’s amazing what this product and team has been able to accomplish in 12 months. Since that time we’ve had several major releases and literally thousands of builds on both iOS and Android applications. We’ve added enterprise accounts and a web based administration. Features like chats, quizzes, branding customizations have all grown out of the great things we’ve seen our partners and clients doing. We’ve been a part of amazing events – from conferences to baseballs games and have learned so much about the power of what this product can do, and also the potential it has to grow.

As incredible as this first year has been, there are amazing thing on the horizon. This next year elistik will be focused on industry-changing technology and positioning ourself to be a leader for live events and onsite engagement. We want everyone who uses our application at an event to enjoy the experience and to have a deeper connection with it’s host. In December of this year we will be a sponsor of XLIVE Conference in Las Vegas, a leading live event conference and are anticipating connecting with a whole new audience of both potential clients and partners. Along with that, we have some exciting product announcements in these last months of 2018.

In closing, Jeff and I both have to say a huge thank you to the team at elistik – AK, Marc, Matt, Michelle, Robert – you all have done amazing things this year and have put in an amazing amount of sweat to bring this platform to fruition. To our friends and family who have supported us in our late nights, early mornings, and long weekends… you have hustled along side handing out flyers, making introductions, watching children, and helping us gain footing. You are why we strive for success. And last, but by no means least, thank you to some of our early adopters. You have given us direction, been patient, and also given us confidence to grow.

To another year… (Cheers)

– Gabe

Introducing the elistik SDK

Utilize elistik within your mobile app with our SDK

We are so excited to announce the launch of the elistik SDK. Now you can leverage our proximity based technology within your application and give it the ability to listen for broadcasts happening nearby. Our first implementation is with an awesome partner, the Louisville Crashers.

The Crashers are one of the biggest live entertainment artists in the midwest, and play for tens of thousands of people every year. They are also known for their amazing interactions with fans throughout their shows, which is why elistik was the perfect partner when it came to considering mobile engagement. Using our new SDK in their new iOS and Android, the Crashers are able to broadcast content at their shows via elistik and have their fans get the notifications within their applications. From picking the next song and playful trivia, to emergency notices and break times, they now can communicate and get feedback from their fans instantly.

Interested in learning more about how elistik can help improve your onsite experience? Contact us today to learn more.



happy valentines. spread the love.

We Love You. Proximity is all about being near someone that you want to interact with so naturally we want you connect with those nearby on Valentines Day. We are excited to announce that for Valentines Day all of our pro features will be free. We hope you will download, unlock, and share! We have some amazing features in store as well, so get your pro features today and benefit by getting some new enhancements that are right around the corner.

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10 Ways Beacon Technology Can Improve the Classroom

A study made by the Washington, DC based organization Project Tomorrow demonstrated that roughly all US middle, high school, and college students have access to a smartphone (with about a third of them issued by their own schools), and over two-thirds of students have access to a laptop. With significant accessibility to smart devices amidst the technological shift in education, beacon technology is an inexpensive and powerful tool that can heighten classroom efficiency, enabling a personalized and unique learning experience.

1. Automated Classroom Activities and Announcements

Schools can dispatch important announcements and reminders to specific classrooms during specific times by implementing a beacon-based scheduling system. Students can receive this information directly to their smartphones upon entering the classroom. With this information at their finger-tips, students can save crucial tasks and due dates onto their calendars and are therefore more likely to see them through.

2. Automated Attendance

Instead of teachers having to manually enter in student roll-call, beacons can be programmed to recognize individuals’ smartphones and record them as present/their headcount. This can reduce errors by reporting exact times that a student walks in and out and cut back on time spent taking attendance.

3. Optimized Organization of Field Trips

During school field trips, students are often allowed to split up and later reconvene at a specified time and location. Using methods similar to the automated attendance procedure, headcounts can be simplified and direct students to the exact meeting point if they happen to oversee the right location.

4. Instant Quizzes

Following a visit to a key historical monument during a field trip, teachers can distribute instant quizzes with automated analytics to challenge knowledge retention of students. This method can also be applied to take the place of in-class clicker quizzes that take dozens of clickers and wasted distribution time.

5. Increased Participation in Evaluations

Schools rely on evaluations of all forms to recognize areas of improvement that need to be made within the courses, dining halls, professors, etc. Evaluation surveys are emailed or can be found after many clicks and redirects on the school website, leaving students less likely to want to fill them out. Beacons can simplify the evaluation procedure and increase urgency by sending out customized evaluation surveys via phone apps.

6. More Accurate Elections

Encouraging students to vote for student representative, policies, or homecoming court can be a tricky task. Voting tends to take place in the form of emails where students can easily miss the deadlines if they don’t check their email regularly enough, or at a designated location that students might not get the chance to stop by. Without a high number of participation, inaccurate representation and unwanted policies could be put into effect. With the simplicity of beacon-based polling, students can receive instant polls and vote at their finger-tips.

7. Imposed Restrictions

Although honor codes are an important aspect in teaching reciprocative respect and integrity between students and the organization, instances of classroom dishonesty still occur. Teachers can set device restrictions on phones in the classroom during tests, or restrict computers to be able to only use the class textbook application during a lesson

8. Eliminate Class Handouts

Teachers give out a lot of course material that can easily be sent out to smart-devices, as they are already digitized. With quick access to an electronic copy of the handout, mass consumption of paper can be decreased and students will have an easier time referring to the documents.

9. Augmented Learning Experiences

In a UBC study, Nobel Prize winning engineering professor Carl Wieman tested different physics classes’ learning retention by having some classes be taught via a traditional lecture-based lesson and others taught using interactive educational activities. The results showed that students scored twice as high from the interactive group than the students who listened to the lecture.

There are many online tools and games that schools are having their students use to learn rather than just have them read a textbook. But with beacons, augmented reality can be programmed to provide an even more kinesthetic and active learning approach, as students can visit specific locations and landmarks to gather information.

10. Energy Savings

Instead of relying on school security or staff to physically check to see if rooms are being used, shut off lights, and lock the doors, beacons can automate the process as they can identify whether or not a student is in the room. Classroom computers can be switched off or put into power saving mode when the professor isn’t within proximity and AC and lighting can be turned off when the last person leaves the room. If a class is cancelled for the day, appliances can remain off from the start.

Getting Started…

With the low cost of physical beacons and the convenience of smartphone connectivity, the options are endless when adapting beacon innovations into the classroom to exemplify the Internet of Things. Elistik offers an affordable means to turn the smallest of classes, groups, or activities into an interactive experience for those that are nearby. Contact us today to learn more.

Written by Michelle Kim, Customer Success Manager, elistik

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from elistik!

Happy New Year from elistik!

We are working on new, big things for the year ahead – but before we give you a roadmap update – Jeff and I would like to first take a moment and thank everyone who has been a part of this platform launch.

In 2017 we focused on one primary concept – becoming a proximity-focused technology company that uses beacon technology to give users a meaningful way to interact with the world around them. As we transition into 2018, we are more focused on leveraging beacon technology to enhance two primary industries – events and retail.

In 2018 we will have an extensive offering for all of our primary broadcast types – events, surveys and promotions. Our early 2018 releases will be feature-rich for our event and survey customers. Additionally, we have a full promotions release scoped that will be a tremendous tool for our retail customers.

Our product roadmap in 2017 felt a bit constrained by the requirement to be nearby to interact with broadcasts. While I truly believe we have built a superior proximity-based application, it is now time for us to broaden our feature set. We plan on rolling out many features and products this year that will fully complement the ‘nearby experience’ but will also give more flexibility and reach to users who may not be within proximity.

Lastly, we expanded our team this year. Our team is now comprised of Matt, AK, Robert and Michelle. The team is truly an unparalleled talent pool and we are so honored to work with these amazing minds! Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow, support and encourage us this year. 2018 is going to be an amazing year of growth for us and we are excited to show you what is in store!

Thanks so much,

Gabe Riggs
CEO, Co-Founder

Jeff Jackson
CTO, Co-Founder

Enjoy some highlights from this year…

Now Broadcasting… Revelry Boutique Gallery

We are excited to announce that Revelry Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky is now broadcasting to their customers with elistik! Located in the heart of the city and in ‘Nulu’ – an interesting, eclectic, and vibrant stretch of all local shops and restaurants on East Market Street – Revelry is a perfect spot due to its high foot-traffic customer base and also it’s deep value of being loyal to local goods and artists. They “take pride in showing the incredible talent Louisville and our surrounding areas have to offer.” It is a must for out of towners and should be a frequent stop for locals who love art and want to support the Louisville art community. As a big plus, they also have a sweet dog that will great you as you browse their collections. 

Learn more about how elistik can be used at your business.

LVAA embraces beacons for Open Studio Weekend

The Louisville Visual Art Association integrated elistik beacons into their 2017 Open Studio Weekend. Over the weekend of November 4th, the LVAA had over 60 beacons spread throughout Louisville, Kentucky inside of galleries.

As people made the way around the city they were able to checkin to galleries and received welcome notifications on their phone as they approached. This created a more engaging digital experience and also gave galleries the opportunity to extend their reach from outside their location and pull users in.

Since many studio locations were located in residential areas, having the beacon broadcasting also made it easier to identify which buildings were hosting a gallery. This type of event covers many miles and has a very wide footprint, so any and all efforts to expand the signal and reach becomes incredible valuable.

We look forward to seeing how we can utilize elistik beacons at studios throughout the year and create engaging content for customers to give feedback and hopefully experience and appreciate local art. Thank you to all who attended this years Open Studio Weekend and we look forward to being a part of your experience in 2018!

The ability to export your data and more…

1.0.4 Release

We are happy to be rolling out our 1.0.4 release of our iOS application. With our previous release of 1.0.3 we added a new intro tutorial to try and help our new users better understand how the application works and explain some of the benefits. 1.0.4 has several improvements and bug fixes, but one of the main enhancements that we added to this release is the ability to export your data from the system. Now when you host an event, run a promotion, or distribute a survey, our pro users will be able to tap the ‘history’ button and see more information on these previous broadcasts. This will be incredibly beneficial to users who want to then import data directly into their CRM or other reporting tools.

We hope you enjoy 1.0.4 and we are looking forward to some great things ahead! We anticipate 1.0.4 to be available as an update 10/30/17 or sooner.

Welcome Michelle Kim!

We are so excited to welcome a new addition to the elistik team, Michelle Kim. Michelle is a fresh-face to the tech industry, finishing up her senior year at Centre College as a computer science major. After high school, she left her hometown of Newport Beach, CA, and set off on her gap-year abroad. Her travels sparked an endless curiosity in the power of technology and its ability to bring connectivity to all different types of people around the world.

She is passionate about inspiring young people to use their technological skills for social good. She has started an annual hackathon at Center College where students spend a day developing apps that provide solutions to issues on campus. Her programming experience includes video game design, UX/UI, data visualization, and application development. Michelle joins the elistik team to not only help in the product development life-cycle, but as a key member for growth opportunities.

When she’s not in class, she loves spending her time producing digital music, going to music festivals, and watching adult swim cartoons.

Elistik partners with University of San Francisco

Autonomous Vehicle and the City Symposium November 8, 2017

Elistik is proud to partner with the University of San Francisco for their Autonomous Vehicle and the City Symposium November 8, 2017. The purpose of this symposium is to frame and develop policy around the topic of autonomous vehicles, particularly focused on land use, the social implications of the technology, and economics. Elistik’s proximity based technology will be used throughout this event to allow attendees to sign in to sessions, survey attendees and get feedback, and network with each other. We look forward to finding a way to improve the experience of these attendees and helping enhance the education of such powerful technology.

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