Where we’ve been and where we are headed…

One year ago we launched the 1.0 version of our iOS application. Four of us huddled around computers until the wee hours of the morning pulling together that first submission. It’s amazing what this product and team has been able to accomplish in 12 months. Since that time we’ve had several major releases and literally thousands of builds on both iOS and Android applications. We’ve added enterprise accounts and a web based administration. Features like chats, quizzes, branding customizations have all grown out of the great things we’ve seen our partners and clients doing. We’ve been a part of amazing events – from conferences to baseballs games and have learned so much about the power of what this product can do, and also the potential it has to grow.

As incredible as this first year has been, there are amazing thing on the horizon. This next year elistik will be focused on industry-changing technology and positioning ourself to be a leader for live events and onsite engagement. We want everyone who uses our application at an event to enjoy the experience and to have a deeper connection with it’s host. In December of this year we will be a sponsor of XLIVE Conference in Las Vegas, a leading live event conference and are anticipating connecting with a whole new audience of both potential clients and partners. Along with that, we have some exciting product announcements in these last months of 2018.

In closing, Jeff and I both have to say a huge thank you to the team at elistik – AK, Marc, Matt, Michelle, Robert – you all have done amazing things this year and have put in an amazing amount of sweat to bring this platform to fruition. To our friends and family who have supported us in our late nights, early mornings, and long weekends… you have hustled along side handing out flyers, making introductions, watching children, and helping us gain footing. You are why we strive for success. And last, but by no means least, thank you to some of our early adopters. You have given us direction, been patient, and also given us confidence to grow.

To another year… (Cheers)

– Gabe

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