Santa Now Using Beacons for Christmas Deliveries

This year for Christmas, Santa decided to leverage the power of beacon technology to improve his efficiency in the delivery process. While most of us think of Mr. Claus’s workshop as little elves building basic dolls and car from wood, it has truly become a modern marvel of manufacturing efficiency. Cranking out billions of toys a year, they have tested and developed the most impressive production lines and leverage and cutting edge technology.

The elves have been using beacon technology for years around the shop for asset tracking, ensuring that no doll or utensil goes missing. If any toy exists the building in anything other than Santa’s sack, notifications and alarms will sound. Santa has also been known to apply beacons directly to elves for tracking purposes, but he refused to comment on these allegations.

This Christmas Santa decided to unveil new technology to help him more accurately and quickly make his deliveries. Using technology he is calling microbial precipitation chips (MPC) he has been able to deploy beacons within rain drops and snow flakes. “While the technology is incredibly complex, the concept is very simply” Santa told us. “Since all of our toys already have beacons placed within them, we leverage a proprietary app that we worked with elistik to build to assign ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ tags to each toy along with a wide variety of related metadata that includes everything from a child’s name, location, food allergies, and more.” This database has become so extensive that Santa has had to build another data center on the South Pole. “Fortunately we are using out Cold Power Solutions. If we were leveraging the same archaic technologies for power and storage the rest of the work is using, we would singlehandedly be responsible melting both the North and South poles.”

For 2017, Santa used MPC to place beacons on the roof and chimney of every house. “Crawling down chimney’s is not just inefficient, is uncomfortable, disgusting, dangerous. With MPC in place, I simply fly over houses and as long as I’m within proximity to the presents destination, I just kick it from the sleigh and they make their way to right house.” The accuracy this year has been unparalleled. “We were able to improve from a disappointing 78% accuracy last year when we piloted using GPS to 98.9% with our new beacon chips.”

Next year Santa stated they will be continuing to expand these technologies in both production and delivery arms of the North Pole Production facility.

Merry Christmas from your elistik team!

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