Why Proximity-Based Technology Works During Social Distancing

We live in ever changing times. Normal has become a bit of a memory as we all strive to find what our new routines are. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought most of us home, indoors, isolated from our regular in-person interactions and regulated to remote communicate primarily via digital mediums. When all this first began my initial thought was, well there goes live events, conferences, concerts, mass gatherings where elistik has primarily found itself a part of. But as things have progressed, these months of social distancing have brought a realization that proximity based solutions have never been more in need. 

Think of your coffee pickup now. If I can validate that you are who you say you are and that you are indeed on premise, the only interaction I, as a business owner, should receive is a simple notification you are here and a mechanism for you to grab your order. Zero face to face interaction required. McDonald’s started this over a year ago with their mobile ordering. With beacons they are able to take the guessing out of the equation for when you arrive and what your order is. 

In a world where we are required to be 6 feet apart, using bluetooth-based technology seems like a wonder fit for sharing and gathering information. Self guided tours, interactive galleries, exploring the outdoors and educating people remotely all have a deep foundation in capturing a nearby audience. 

For the time being at least, we are shifting our mindset away from how to enable a music festival to communicate to 100,000 attendees to how to improve a businesses ability to protect its employees and still engage patrons. If you do not have an app for your business today that is leveraging the power of proximity and the ability to communicate to specific users at specific times, we are here for you. Let us help you re-engage.

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