Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from elistik!

Happy New Year from elistik!

We are working on new, big things for the year ahead – but before we give you a roadmap update – Jeff and I would like to first take a moment and thank everyone who has been a part of this platform launch.

In 2017 we focused on one primary concept – becoming a proximity-focused technology company that uses beacon technology to give users a meaningful way to interact with the world around them. As we transition into 2018, we are more focused on leveraging beacon technology to enhance two primary industries – events and retail.

In 2018 we will have an extensive offering for all of our primary broadcast types – events, surveys and promotions. Our early 2018 releases will be feature-rich for our event and survey customers. Additionally, we have a full promotions release scoped that will be a tremendous tool for our retail customers.

Our product roadmap in 2017 felt a bit constrained by the requirement to be nearby to interact with broadcasts. While I truly believe we have built a superior proximity-based application, it is now time for us to broaden our feature set. We plan on rolling out many features and products this year that will fully complement the ‘nearby experience’ but will also give more flexibility and reach to users who may not be within proximity.

Lastly, we expanded our team this year. Our team is now comprised of Matt, AK, Robert and Michelle. The team is truly an unparalleled talent pool and we are so honored to work with these amazing minds! Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow, support and encourage us this year. 2018 is going to be an amazing year of growth for us and we are excited to show you what is in store!

Thanks so much,

Gabe Riggs
CEO, Co-Founder

Jeff Jackson
CTO, Co-Founder

Enjoy some highlights from this year…

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