The guy with all that style

Welcome Matthew Whitaker

Every great brand has a clearly defined identity. There is a language to it. A style. Sometimes even a swagger. We want elistik to have that unique identity as well. We strive to have a brand and a company that is easy to recognize, engage with, and for it’s users to support. It’s for this reason that we are so pleased to welcome Matthew Whitaker to the team. Matt has worked for years doing external consulting for companies, designing and building their visual image and voice. He has been engaged in industries from the gaming to healthcare. His unique eye for style and his ability to be empathetic to both the client and the customer give him a skill set that we find unparalleled. Matt will work closely with our development teams and marketing team to lead all of our UX/UI decisions and also our branding efforts. Welcome, Matt!

Learn more about Matt and the rest of our team. 

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