2.0 Launch, Discover, and more!

Santa has come early this year!

We are so excited to be launching some amazing new features in 2.0.

* FREE: That’s right… we are opening up the entire application to be used for free. Create any broadcast type and launch to those nearby. Survey or quiz your friends, launch a proximity based chat, handle event logins. All of it directly from your phone. No longer worry about those paid unlocks.

* New branding: While we truly loved our bright pink and blue branding, we also realize that it might be a little intimidating and conflicting for businesses to figure out how their brand would look along side such strong colors. With 2.0 the elistik brand takes a back seat to our broadcasters! We want your content and experience to be the star of the show. We have opted for a clean, minimalistic new design that gives you even more control over the look and feel of elistik. This new look and feel is being added across our entire platform.

* DISCOVER: Speaking of our platform, this is the biggest thing we have added to date. We are now giving our enterprise users the ability to publish content even to those individuals who are not within proximity in our Discover area. This will give you the ability to buy tickets before going to the show, claim coupons in advance, and learn more about what the experience will be like before you walk through the doors.

* New Broadcast Types: There are some amazing new types of content you can publish within each of our primary broadcast types. Within Event you can how do a ticketed event, an event checkin, or an RSVP event. Inside of Promo you will now see Promo Code, Giveaway, and Coupon which gives you the ability to generate an Apple Pass coupon. And last but definitely not least, one of our most flexible broadcast types is within Social, and is called Link. This gives you the ability to have a custom call to action outside of elistik.

This update also contains many improvements behind the scenes and tidying up… but we thought you’d find the info above a little more interesting.

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