1.1.6 is out along with web admin!

We are so excited to announce the release of 1.1.6 that includes a new Survey type called Quiz. With Quiz you can test the knowledge of those nearby but asking them a question and seeing if they can guess the correct answer. It’s never been easier to have people engage in fun trivia or to get a crowd engaged! This release also allows for one-to-one chat so that you can easily get private feedback from those nearby. This is great if you want to provide a way for event attendees to voice concerns and request assistance directly with you. As the one broadcasting the one-to-one, you have the ability to manage multiple conversations all within the broadcast.

Our biggest announcement is around a new web-based administration console for our enterprise clients. Now you can create and manage all of your content, beacons, and more from a desktop. It also gives you a great platform for quickly viewing and accessing those who have interacted with your broadcasts. Contact us to learn more about becoming an enterprise client today!


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